The Right Way to Install Armstrong Ceiling Tiles With Staples

People who want to update their room interior should opt to install the Armstrong ceiling tiles. But make sure you follow the right procedure to install it, never forget to plan out the acoustical tile installation. Keep in mind this type of ceiling tiles are available in a variety of different sizes, 12X12 ceiling tile will be the best option to install in any type of room.

Even if you have a small size room you can install these tiles to make your room look appealing and super stylish. There are so many different styles of ceiling tiles that you can install in your room. All of them require different installation procedure. But most of these ceiling tiles present on the market offer tongue and groove structure, whereas others look classy in a squared edges. Here we are discussing about the right way that you can opt to install Armstrong ceiling tiles with staples.


The first thing that you have to do while installing the Armstrong ceiling tiles is to plan out the entire layout of the room. After that, check out the tiles that requires you to cut down the edges to get fixed on the floor.  Keep in mind that you have to place the tiles that requires cutting on the outer edge of the room.  That will help you to get the perfect look and never forgot to set the tiles in the room almost 24 hours before you begin its installation.


Another thing that you should prefer to do while installing the tiles is to find out the ceiling joists by using the stud finder. Keep in mind that you have to set the joists after every 16 or 24 inches or Armstrong tatra ceiling tiles 600×600.. After measuring it properly now you have to mark the location of the joists and for this you can use the chalk.


After proper measurement now you have to attach the furring strip near the wall that actually runs at the perfect angle of the joists. While doing so you can simply use the one 8-penny nail and place it in every joist.


After that you should know that if you want to hold the angle tight then you should prefer to use fence staples. For this purpose you have to drill the angle along with the slide right into the fence staple. This will help you to anchor right angle to the wall, especially when there will be no nearby studs.

Step 5

Now after that you have to cut the corners of the tiles by using a knife or cutter. That will enable you to get the proper size of the ceiling tiles that you want to install in your room.

Step 6

After that, another thing that you must know while hanging the drop ceiling is to know how you have to install the strings. Keep in mind that for this you have to measure and establish guiding strings. Basically, this will help you to keep the hanging fasteners right in line to get a perfect support at the start of the project.

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