Why Are Ceiling Lights Not Central?

Ceiling light position is usually in the middle of the room but you will often find that the ceiling lights are not central in your house and the reason why most of the houses do not have central ceiling lights is due to a lot of factors. What we are going to explain to you today is why the ceiling lights are not central.

1-) Previous Homeowner:

One of the most common reason is planned furniture arrangement by the previous homeowner who has built and constructed the house lighting according to its wire alignment. For the easiest alteration, light fixtures can be moved over to the central position where you want the light to be. if you want to change the lighting position then you can talk to an expert about the fact that you do not have central ceiling lights and you want to change it. The lighting technician or expert will give his/her advice to make some lighting position changes in your house.

2-) Furniture Arrangement:

It’s most likely that the previous owner of the house would have lighting fixated according to the furniture arrangement. Sometimes furniture around the room has to be spotlighted as it will bring out the details which your house furniture has. Moreover, the corner lights in the house also put focus at each corner so once all the lights are switched on, they will definitely create a different and unique ambiance.

3-) Old houses Lighting Theme:

If you have ever noticed that back then old houses were designed in such a way that the central lights are not in the center but near the windows. So, as to prevent people from seeing into the room when the light is on from the outside. You may find it surprising but things were different back in the early in the 1950s or before that era. Additionally, people were not a big fan of overhead, diffused lighting such as in the old houses and residential spaces.

4-) To maintain privacy:

Also, another reason that the lights were not central is to obscure shadow appearing on the curtains when someone is undressing in the inside of the room. This is the main and primary reason why usually old houses lights were wired and positioned at the corners of the windows. Rather than your kitchen or your dining area where you need to have maximum focused light on the dining table as compare to less central lighting around the house.

5-) Creating a luxury look:

Another reason why ceiling lights are not central is that most of the designers and architectures believe that a house can have more sophisticated ambiance which a non-central light can provide as compared to the central lighting. Having a central light everywhere in the house may give a traditional look where sideway ceiling lights showcase great look especially when they are positioned in a stylish way.

There are a couple of more reasons why are ceiling lights not central as to create focus or highlight the specific art that you hang on the walls. A fair combination of mild lights at each corner of the room and few ones in the center will provide a good balance in the overall lighting spectrum of each room.

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