Steps To Replace the Exterior of Your Square Recessed Lights

Are you looking for a replacement of the exterior of your square recessed lights? Are you having difficulty in changing the recessed lights? Replacing the exterior of the square recessed light is simple as you will only have to remove the old box of ceiling light using the same electrical wiring. A simple square ceiling light cover replacement will be used. Let’s get to the steps for a better understanding of how it can be done.

1-) Removing the Existing Ceiling Light:

You must turn off the circuit breaker as only switching off the ceiling lights will not be enough and can be dangerous. Then return to your ceiling work area. turn the light on and off to make sure that the lights are completely switched off and has no power. Use a ladder and carefully remove the dome or shade on the ceiling light. Remove the light bulbs.

With the help of a cordless screwdriver, unscrew the two screws which hold the housing to the upper electrical box. For more safety, make sure that the power is off by using a voltage tester on the wires within the electrical box.

Unscrew all wire nuts between source wires and the light fixture wires. Also, untwist all the wires and separate. It may be tempting to expedite matters by simply cutting the wires but untwisting wires will preserve their length.

2-) Retain the Existing Electrical Box:

You can place the recessed light on the same place as long as the diameters match or you can pick another nearby location. Placing the new light in the current location is preferable if it is possible.

3-) Cut a New Opening in the Ceiling:

Measure the diameter of the ceiling with a tape measure. This will also assist you with which type of recessed light you should buy. You can skip this step if the recessed light is the same diameter as the current opening. Otherwise, you will require to adjust the hole.

If you want to install a light that is larger than the hole you can enlarge it with the help of a power tool as the drywall is crumbly. It can be a bit hard to enlarge the hole in the drywall so be patient. If the ceiling opening is too large the best approach would be covering the existing hole and cut a new hole nearby.

4-) Connect the Wires on the Recessed Light:

With the screwdriver, punch out the metal plate covering the access hole on the box. Install a wire clamp on the box. Put the wires down without stressing them. Push the wires into the hole of the recessed light’s box. Screw the clamp down onto the cable tightly make sure that the connection is strong. Connect all the black power wire to the black wire and white(neutral) wire on the white wires twisting the two together with the wire nut.

5-) Install the Recessed Light in the Ceiling:

Insert the electrical box portion first. Then rotate the light the rest of the way in a C-shaped or hooking motion. Continue pushing the light into the hole until the brackets on the cone portion of the light are flush with ceiling drywall. Firmly snap the ceiling clips on the light downward. Make sure each one contacts the drywall. Attach the light module to the wires in the light housing. Push bulb portion up in the housing. Tuck the wire up into the housing. Turn the circuit breaker back on.

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