Simple Tips to Estimate the Cost to Replace Ceiling Tiles in Drywall

The modern homeowners always adopt décor trends to get an attractive outlook. The ceiling tiles play an important part in producing an aesthetic environment. But as it is said that not everything last long, there is a time when you need to think of repairing or replacing ceiling tiles. No matter how good & expensive your ceiling tiles are, everything comes with an expiration date. You need to estimate the cost to replace ceiling tiles in drywall in order to plan your budget.

The cost to install suspended ceiling tiles varies, depending on the damage, quality, size and quantity. You need to complete your homework before you replace ceiling tiles in drywalls. Majority of the time without knowing the right estimation, you end up spending lots of money in purchasing the material more than it is required. The method to estimate the cost to replace ceiling tiles in drywall are discussed in this blog.

1.] Calculate The Replacement Area:

To estimate the cost to replace ceiling tiles in drywall you need to calculate the ceiling area. The calculation will help you to know the exact amount of material needed for the job. Take the inch tape and calculate the room parameter, wall height and ceiling area. Also, you need to know the panel size of the drywall. Usually, the common size of drywall is 4’x8’, 4’x9’, 4’x10’ & 4’x12’. Once you find out all the figures, take help from the online ceiling calculator to know the required material. The important tips to measure the room area are as follows

  • If you find difficulty in measuring the size of your room due to its odd shape, then break it down into smaller section. For the sloping walls use the equation that is base length of the wall multiplied by the height and the total number is divided by two.
  • If you are replacing drywall sheets, then add 10% more while measuring from hand.

2.] Do-It-Yourself Cost:

It’s important to estimate the DIY cost to replace ceiling tiles in the drywall in order to minimize the budget. After you get to know about the material needed, now you need to find out about the cost of drywall and tiles. Know whether you need to change your drywall or just willing to change the ceiling tiles. The average DIY cost for the whole square room will be between $500-$800. It will be further depending on the style and quality of the tile you choose.

3.] Professional Installation Cost:

The professional cost to install the ceiling tiles varies and is dependent on the company you choose. Normally, a professional charge anything in between $8 to $10 per square fit. You can also ask for quotes from different professionals in order to know the cheapest price. This will help you to estimate the right cost to replace the ceiling tiles in drywalls.


When you had estimated the cost to replace the ceiling tiles in drywall you must need to know the time required for the total job done. Normally, professional take 1 to 2 days to install the ceiling tiles and drywall of a particular room. You need to plan it before you start.

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