Clear Prismatic Diffuser 600*600

The Standard Prismatic Polystyrene lens in 3.0mm thickness is the market leader for quality and versatility in our polystyrene range of prismatic sheets. This lens is manufactured from polystyrene mixed with a UV protector to provide optimum performance from the sheet. This lens is extruded with our excellent P12 standard style pattern on the bottom surface and a flat smooth surface on the rear. This sheet is suited to applications where fabrication or forming is part of the process to produce a finished product.

  • Product Data P12-30-STY-Light Controlling Lens
  • Pattern P12 standard style
  • Thickness 3.0mm
  • Tolerance on thickness 5%
  • Extruded Panel size Maximum width of 1270mm
  • Material Polystyrene
  • Weight per m² 1.88 kg/m²
  • U V stability Medium
  • Impact resistance Poor
  • Vicat temperature 98º C
  • Maximum operating temperature 60 º C
  • Recommended minimum distance from lamp 40mm
  • Colours available Clear
  • size 600mm x 600mm

For prices or further technical information, please contact one of our representatives on 01204526435 who will be more than happy to provide you with a quote and answer any questions.

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