What is the per square foot cost to install suspended ceiling?

Suspended ceilings or drop ceilings are one of the popular ceilings worldwide. The suspended ceilings not only provide an attractive outlook but it also gives easy access to the utilities that are located above. Usually, suspended ceilings are used in basements and commercial buildings. Those who want to give elegant look, always use drop ceilings in their bedrooms and conversational area. This is because suspended ceiling systems can easily mount on any type of wall including, sheetrock, brick and concrete. The cost to install a suspended ceiling varies according to the rooms.

Generally, people calculate drop ceiling cost per square foot in order to get an idea of the overall project. The cost could get budget-friendly or more than your budget, depending on the ceilings and the labours. This blog will guide you the cost to install suspended ceilings in order to clear the hurdles in your way.

1-) Cost of Drop Ceiling Tiles:

Tiles are the main part of the installation process. In order to find out the cost to install suspended ceilings, it is important to calculate the cost of the tiles. There are two standard sizes of tiles that are 2×2 or 2×4. Before buying it, determine the size of your room. In 12×14 room the set of tiles will be 12. The set of 12 tiles will cost you anywhere between 25 dollars to 40 dollars. Always consider the good quality even if it is a bit expensive. The total cost of installing the suspended ceiling system will depend on the overall material. For tile installation contractors charge 2 dollars to 6 dollars per square foot for labour.

2-) What should Be Included:

Mostly drop ceilings are installed in the finish basements, therefore, the cost to install suspended ceilings never exceed the budget. The things that will be included in the overall project are panels, labour cost, material and style of the tiles. The tiles come up with different styles, the latest one is expensive while the older ones can be bought at reasonable prices.

3-) An estimate of DIY Cost:

Nothing is better than doing the work yourself. In order to go with a DIY project, it is essential to know the cost to install suspended ceiling. You need to first consider which types of tiles you are willing to buy, how many rooms you want to cover, what is the exact size of your room and what will be the cost of material. The average cost per room is anywhere between 300 dollars to 400 dollars. The cost also depends on the material you choose. It is essential to compare the cost of overall project with DIY project to know how much you will save.

4-) Tools Required for Suspended Ceiling Installation:

Sometimes due to low budget people cut the cost of labour expenses. This is a great idea to reduce the cost to install suspended ceilings. In order to do the tiles installation properly, it is essential to know the required tools. The most essential tool is the wire cutter that is not expensive to buy. Hammer, pencil, utility knife, wall angle, measuring tape and laser level are all the tools required for drop ceiling installation. You will also need graph paper, ceiling tiles and nails.

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