Expert Guide to Install MF Plasterboard Ceiling Efficiently

Installing a ceiling is a great way to enhance the look of your room. The ceiling can make a room look larger and helps to give an aesthetic environment. Different ceiling designs give different look to a room. But there could be many complications in installing any specific ceiling system. From panels to the right boards, you will need to plan everything before you get started. The internal dry lining applications couldn’t go with every ceiling. You need to install MF plasterboard ceiling to give a unique and proper look.

The MF plasterboard ceilings or Casoline MF is fully concealed grid that is used in conjunction with Gyproc plasterboards and gyptone and ringtone boards that creates the monolithic appearance. To install MF plasterboard ceiling you need to continue reading this MF suspended ceiling installation guide.

Step 1- Set The Ceiling Level:

To install MF plasterboard ceiling it is important to set the ceiling level. This initial step should be done carefully in order to install the ceiling perfectly. Firstly, mark the required height on the wall with the help of laser light, and replicate this on all remaining walls. Remember that the required height shouldn’t be too low or too high. Your boards and panels should easily be installed within the set ceiling level. Mark all the position for the Gypframe MF 6.

Step 2- Install The MF 6 Frame:

The MF 6 plays a key role in the installation of MF plasterboard ceiling. MF 6 provides the holding position for MF 5 and also give finish to the wall for your plasterboards. Install MF plasterboard ceiling efficiently it is important to check the quality of MF 6 frame. You need to fix the MF 6 properly on the required height. It is essential that MF6 frame is attached with the wall at the required level. The fixing should be centred but not be more than 600mm centres. To make the fixing efficient always use tools like drywall screw, hammer fix and metal nail-in. These tools aren’t expensive and help to make the installation process easy and efficient.

Step 3- Placing & Installing Hangers:

Now you need to cut the MF 17 suspension angle to the top of the MF 6. Remember to make the angles as long as MF 6 are. For instance, if the MF 6 is 400 mm from the void than make the angles 400 mm long. Take the joist and attach the angle bracket with the help of MF 15 nut and bolt. Now, marked the hangers, it should be no more than 450mm away from wall. Attach the hanger properly at the marked space. This is the main step to install MF plasterboard ceiling.

Step 4- Installing The Plasterboard:

This is the crucial point to install MF plasterboard ceiling. You need to install the MF 7 up to the hanger in a proper way. Now, you need to install the MF5 on the parallel walls keeping required gap. After you installed the MF5 successfully, fix the plasterboards. Use the required tools and screws to install the plasterboards efficiently.

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