5 Things to Follow When Installing Suspended Ceiling Tiles

People who want to make their interior look more appealing and classy should opt to install a suspended ceiling. Moreover, if you want to make your room sound proof, improve the lighting, hide the ceiling defects, and improvise the look then it’s advised to install the suspended ceiling.  It’s complete up to your choice to install drop or suspended ceilings. Here we are discussing about things that you have to follow while installing the suspended ceiling in your commercial or domestic

1-) Draw A Drop Ceiling Layout:

People who want to install the drop ceiling should start by drawing a drop down ceiling layout. It will be better if you sketch out the layout of the room where you want to install ceiling tiles, but make sure you opt for correct suspended ceiling tiles sizes.

After that you have to measure the ceiling properly that will enable you to get an idea about how many tiles you actually need to have. After getting this information now you can easily get an idea about how much material you need to have for fixing drop ceiling in one room. That will make the process of installation much easier for you.

2-) Ensure You Nail Up Right Angle at Wall:

Once you have done the measurement of the ceiling now start nailing up the wall at correct angles. Keep in mind that angles matter a lot in providing the perfect finish and interior look. Simply start by cutting the angle flange and then you have to bend it in the outward direction. After that slip a special corner of the outside over the flange.  It will automatically help you to a hide all types of corner cut.

3-) Use Fence Staples for Holding the Angle Tight:

After installing the nails now you have to staple up the fence tightly that will help you to hold the angle of the ceiling tiles. Keep in mind that it is the most important step that will help you to get the perfect look and appeal of the room interior. Simply start with drilling all the angles along with the slide right into the fence staple. It’s required to anchor right angle of the wall.

4-) Install the Guided Strings on the Ceiling:

The next thing that you have to do while hanging the drop ceiling is to install the guided ceiling. Keep in mind that it will help you to properly hang the ceiling tiles by giving it a proper support. But make sure you get an accurate measurement of the guiding strings.

5-) Install the Cross Ts:

While fitting the suspended ceiling cross T installation plays a very important role. You have to snap it in a 4 foot cross T’s. But if you are using 2×2 tiles that have 2 foot cross T’s. Then it will be better to install both of them at once to get the smooth finishing. So yes, you have to start it with full T’s and after completing it, now you have to move towards the edges.

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