How to Install Suspended Ceiling Grid System Perfectly

The suspended ceilings are one of the popular ceilings in the modern world. As the home décor trends adopted by many people, the suspended ceiling becomes an important element in the homes. In older days, the drywall was considered as the fifth wall of your room and never gets attention. But as the time changes, the suspended ceilings take place instead of that unpleasant white drywall ceiling. However, installing suspended ceiling cost is more than painting drywall. But to reduce the cost, many people consider going with DIY suspended ceiling grid installation instruction.

As the installation of a suspended ceiling grid system could be a hassle for many, therefore not everyone is able to apply the suspended ceiling in their homes. To get rid of these issues and install suspended ceiling grid system perfectly, you must need to continue reading this blog.

The Required Tools

To install a suspended ceiling grid system perfectly it is highly recommended to opt for the best tools before dealing. The top tools include

  • L-channel
  • T-channel
  • 4 cross Ts
  • 2 foot cross Ts only if you are going with 2×2’ tiles
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Wire & Wire hanging eyelets
  • Tin Snips
  • Utility Knife Blades

Start with Suspended Ceiling Grid

The first step to install a suspended ceiling grid system perfectly is to draw the “To Scale” drawing of rooms where you need to install suspended ceiling. Layout the ceiling tiles on the floor to check how your ceiling will look like. Know the tiles that are too small to get perfectly fit to place them evenly. If you are having a perfectly squared room, then it could be easy for you to install ceiling grid.

Install L Channel

Now it’s time for the technical work, you need to determine the height of the ceiling. Measure the parameter of your room from the floor joist to that drop. Mark the location of the wall studs and adhere the L channel by self-tapping drywall. You need to be focused in order to install suspended ceiling grid system perfectly.

Install The T-Channel

T channel is an important element that runs parallel to the floor joist. You need to place your first main piece of T-channel away from your wall as per according to the layout of your grid. The T channel will be supported by L channel on either end, and eyelets & wire spaced will support from the middle.

Once you loosely run the wire through the channel and the eyelets the next work is to ensure that the channel is properly levelled. Once you are sure then pull the individual wire to bring T channel in line with L channels in order to install a suspended ceiling grid system perfectly.

Install The Cross Ts

This is the last step to install a suspended ceiling grid system perfectly. You need to start with full Ts and after they are completed move to the edges. Remember to cut each T in size you measured. Square up the grid by dropping in couple full tiles in order to ensure grids are perfectly installed.

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