How Much is a Box of Ceiling Tile Cost?

In a dilemma on which type of ceiling to install? Wondering how much a box of ceiling tile would cost? Luck is on your side as today we are going to inform you about low budget ceiling ideas for different types of ceiling and how much the tiles would cost along with the cost of installation. Nowadays ceiling tiles are rapidly becoming popular among homeowners and commercial building owners as they play an integral part to enhance the aesthetics of a house. Ceiling is an integral part of any home as it occupies quite a lot of space of your house. Majority of the people seem to go for the best cost-effective solution when it comes to installation of a ceiling. Without further ado, following are an estimated cost of buying and installing tile-oriented ceiling.

1-] Acoustic Ceiling Tiles:

Acoustic ceiling is the type of ceiling where tiles are hung in a framework of metal strips. This type of ceiling is also known as drop or suspended ceiling and is the most common type of ceiling that is tile-oriented. Such type of ceiling is very cost-effective as they are pretty easy to install. The metal framework is suspended from the actual ceiling of the room and then individual tiles are carefully aligned on the metal grid. Such type of ceiling dampens the sound in a room and provides an ambiance of tranquility.

2-] Substance of Tiles:

Acoustic ceiling tiles are mainly available in two sizes; 2’x2′ & 2’x4′. The cost of tiles varies depending on how big the room is or what material of tiles you are planning on using as tiles are available in various substances. For instance, Tiles made of mineral fiber and plastic are among the most commonly used as they are cheap and very cost effective. You can also find tiles made of metal, wood and fiberglass but they are costly due to the material used to make them.

3-] Affordability of Tiles:

Tiles-oriented ceiling are an affordable option in comparison to other types of ceiling. Not only the tiles can be found at a very competitive price but even the cost of installation comes at a much lower rate as compared to installation of other types of ceiling. Furthermore, the materials and tools required for such type of ceiling is relatively quite affordable.

4-] Cost of Tiles per Box:

Installing suspended ceiling can further reduce the cost of installation if you are planning to install it yourself. All you will require is the right tools and tiles, and a grid. As we mentioned earlier that the most common sizes of tiles are 2’×2′ and 2’×4′. Let’s say you are aiming to install these tiles for a room that is 10’×12′ in size then 2’×2′ tiles are the best way to go. Assuming that you go for the standard tiles made of mineral fiber then an average cost of 2’×2′ per box is approximately between 30$ to 60$. The quantity of tiles per box varies from supplier to supplier but you will definitely get a minimum of 20 tiles per box. Even though mineral fiber tends to get moldy over time but you can easily replace them with new ones as they are quite cheap.

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