How Do You Measure a Drop Ceiling Grid?

The modern homes are build according to the latest trends that give more luxury outlook and creates an aesthetic environment. When it comes to furnished homes, drop ceilings are considered to be the main factor. The drop or suspended ceilings are one of the most popular ceilings around the world. This is because they can get fit perfectly from big homes to small apartments, giving a larger and attractive outlook.

Installing the drop ceiling grid could be a complex task as it requires accurate measurement. The measurement of the drop ceiling grid determines the overall look of your ceilings. The slight negligence in measuring drop ceiling grids could lead to a dreadful ending. Here, it is necessary to use a suspended ceiling calculator and planner for accurate measurement. To get the perfect measurement you need to consider the tips described in this blog.

1-) Layout The Ceiling Grid On the Paper:

It is essential to sketch the drop ceiling grid on the paper to make the further process easier. Measure and sketch the ceilings and add the material required. Repeat this task for each room that requires drop ceiling. Don’t forget to include light fixtures and heat register in your sketch. The sketch will help you to know the material needed and getting equal size panels for each side of room. After measuring and drawing sketch of the grids, know whether the room is bisected by the row of tiles or main tee. Order the material in the even number like if the room is 9 x 11-ft order for a 10 x 12–ft. room.

2-) Determine the Height of Suspended Ceiling:

It is necessary to know the maximum height of your drop ceiling in order to get a perfect measurement. Measure the ceiling according to the fluorescent fixture. If you plan for a drop-in fluorescent fixture than measure down 4 inches from the joist, while if you want to install drop-in fluorescent fixture measure down to 6 inches. Markdown the measurement and draw the lines around three sides of the room. Make sure to use a 4-ft level while drawing the lines. When the drawn lines are at the correct height connect them with chalk line.

3-) Material Needed for Drop Ceiling:

The actual material needed for a drop ceiling is dependent on how you layout the grid. Many times you aren’t able to use a full length that leads to the material wasting. It is essential to be creative in cutting the leftover T’s into a smaller size and use it for smaller cross T’s. Some of the useful tips are

  • The 4 per length of main T bar is the base of the anchors supported by wires. You will require few more, therefore, add them into your list.
  • Measure the ceilings in perpendicular to the joist and in direction to joist. You will get two different values.

4-) Suspended Ceiling Calculator:

If you want to get rid of complex calculations, just open a suspended ceiling calculator online. Put the measurement of a drop ceiling, parameter of T trim size, main T bar length and the measurement of ceilings in direction and perpendicular to joist. You will get the accurate measurement that will help you to install your drop ceiling grid successfully.

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