A Step-By-Step Guide to Replace the Ceiling Electrical Box

A ceiling electrical box or a junction box is a heavy thirty four kilograms round shaped box that connects and conjoins all the electrical wires that are giving off electricity all around the lights and ceiling fans around your house. But if the ceiling electrical box somehow breaks down or has a severe voltage fluctuation malfunction that burns out the circuits. So now let’s just say that you go to the store to buy the new electrical boxes to replace the old broken ones and suddenly you realize that you don’t know anything about ceiling electrical box replacements or even ceiling light box replacements. Worry no more because in this article we’ll be telling you a detailed guide on how to replace one with utmost ease.

Step One: Switch off The Electricity

First of all to replace the broken junction box you’ll need to switch off the circuit breaker that is providing electricity to the box and also you have to check if all the junction boxes are still having current flowing inside of their wires you can check it with an electric tester screwdriver. You’ll need to check the current because the electrical box can have open and broken circuit wires which can electrocute you pretty badly.

Step Two: Unscrew the Electrical Box from the Attic

To unscrew the junction box you’ll need to go to the attic because that’s where most junction boxes are located inside of the house. As you have entered the attic search for the broken junction box that you want to replace. Once you have found the box get a screwdriver to loosen all the screw and cables that are connecting the box after all the screws and cables are out pull the box with all of your strength out of the attic floor.

Step Three: Unscrew the Electrical Box from the Ceiling

After you have unscrewed the attic part of the junction box it’s now part for the ceiling part to unscrew. To remove the electrical box from the ceiling you’ll first need to unscrew the whole electrical box with a screwdriver. But if the junction box is connected to the joist in the ceiling you’ll need to smack the electrical box with a hammer to loosen it all out.

Step Four: Install A New Electrical Box

Once you have disconnected the junction box from the ceiling and the attic you’ll have to add a new replacement plastic electrical box that at least must weigh twenty two kilograms. To install the new replacement junction box you’ll need to first place the box next to the ceiling and then hammer in some metal nails to the joist of the ceiling to keep the plastic junction box in place.

Step Five: Connect The Electrical Cable

After you have screwed in the brand new electrical ceiling box.  You’ll need to connect the new junction box with an electrical cable that’ll lead through a knockout hole through the ceiling connecting into the power supply which would provide electricity for the junction box. Once you have connected and installed the new ceiling electrical box completely it’s time to turn the circuit breaker back on.

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