Expert Guide to Protect Your House During Heavy Rainfall

Is your home properly protected against heavy rain? Are you preparing your house to sustain heavy rainfall? There is never any harm in preparing for the worst, especially if you live in an area prone to heavy rainfall and where chances of flash flooding are common. Today we are going to discuss expert ways to protect your house during heavy rainfall. Heavy rainfall can be a very destructive force causing landslides and flood your home. We cannot control rainfall but what we can do is, to take measures to protect our homes during the period when there is heavy rainfall. Following are few guidelines to protect your house during heavy rainfall.

1:) Foundation and Ceiling:

Make sure to inspect your house from the outside regularly, look for any cracks or tiny gaps in the foundation of your home. If any cracks are present then repair them or call a professional to get the job done. Also, make sure that the windows and door are properly sealed during heavy rainfall. Furthermore, have your roof professionally inspected once or twice a year, if you have suspended ceiling grid make sure there is no leakage and that it is well protected because no one wants water dripping from the ceiling. You can check in the market for suspended ceiling grid prices.

2:) Shutting Off:

If you are aware of the heavy downpour then it would be wise to turn off all your utilities and unplug your electronics to protect your home from electrical fires.

3:) Empty the Gutters:

Inspect your gutters as they tend to collect a lot of debris and leaves, blocked gutter on the roof will prevent the rainwater to travel down the gutter line and thus increasing the chances of water dripping inside your home. You might ask why to bother if a little bit of water goes inside, remember that water will begin to grow mold and destroy the woodwork and cripple the foundation of your house.

4:) Cover The Vents:

If you live in an area prone to heavy rainfall, it is considered best to cover all the air vents of your house, both on the inside and outside.

5:) Buying a Pump:

You can also invest in a sump pump to remove water that has accumulated either in your front yard or basement. The sump pump will make sure that the water is pumped out from your property but you have to make sure that the water is disposed of responsibly into a storm drain.

6:) Cutting Trees:

You might be wondering how will cutting a tree help protect my house, remember that if you live in a house with trees nearby then during heavy rainfall long branches of the tree become heavy with water and thus have high chances of snapping and falling on the roof of your house. So to avoid such an accident, it is better to cut the long branches of the trees before the rainy season arrives.

Lastly, you can also repaint your house before the rainy season comes around the corner and get insurance on your house for future-proofing your investment. It is important that you as the homeowner protect your house with these simple and efficient methods.

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