Ways To Avoid Common Ceiling Repair and Installation Errors

Planning on installing a drop ceiling? Looking to avoid common mistakes when repairing your ceiling? Look no further as we are have rounded up some expert ways by which you can avoid the most common ceiling repair and installation errors. Drop ceiling or false ceiling or suspended ceiling are pretty much the same things with just different names. These false ceilings are quite a popular option these days with homeowners. The main reasons for drop ceiling popularity these days is largely due to how appealing it looks and also because of how it beautifies the place and on top of that drop ceiling installation labor cost is pretty cheap. Nowadays with the extensive use of central air conditioning systems and heavy-duty lights and cables, these suspended ceilings are an ideal option to go for. Without any further delay, the following are some smart ways on how to avoid common ceiling repair or installation errors.

1-) Less Air Circulation – Installation Error:

With the construction of a suspended ceiling, a major con that comes to mind is the idea of the much tighter and closed area. A suspended ceiling is constructed 1 or 2 feet below the actual ceiling and if not done properly can be claustrophobic. For instance, if the false ceiling is suspended at a much lower level than usual, it allows less space for air to circulate given your room a claustrophobic feel to it.

2-) Overhead Issues – Ceiling Repair:

If you have installed the suspended ceiling by an unprofessional contractor then this creates a lot of major issues from cracks in the drop ceiling to panels falling on someone’s head and causing some serious injuries. If the suspended ceiling is not installed properly then it makes cleaning cavities very difficult. It is highly advised to avoid such amateur mistakes by contacting or hiring an experienced individual or a contractor to repair your suspended ceiling, not just for personal satisfaction but to also future proof your ceiling.

3-) Suspended Ceiling Requires Maintenance:

False ceilings help a lot to hide and obscure the cables and air duct system, not only that but they also hold the lighting as well and due to this the false ceiling requires maintenance continually. If the suspended ceiling is not installed by a professional then the maintenance can become quite troublesome. Especially if the material used for the ceiling is made of wood then it tends to absorb moisture and insects. To avoid such damage to your ceiling, it is best to use false metal.

4-) High-Quality Material For Suspended Ceiling:

It is always wise to your high-quality material when installing a suspended ceiling as poorly crafted material can not only form rust on it but also tend to sag over a period of time. Ensure that you are performing regular checkups of the ceiling, if you see any openings or gaps, make sure to plug them time to time, if left unchecked these gaps can become home to different rodents and insects. Moreover, make sure that you use high-quality gypsum boards to avoid build-up of mold and fungus.

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