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Ceiling Lighting

18W LED Downlight

Ceiling Lighting

48W Panel LED Light

Ceiling Lighting

Eggcrate White 600*600

Ceiling Lighting

Sky LED Light Panel

The lighting is important as it is a practical as well as a functional part of the property. The lighting you choose will have an impact on the décor as well as energy consumption of the property. Updating the ceiling lighting is not as simple as it used to be as there are more options available now.

How to choose?

If you want to choose the right lighting for the ceiling then you need to understand the important things that you need to consider.

Room size:

It is important to take the size of the room into consideration otherwise you will end up choosing the ceiling lighting that makes the room look awkward. You have to be careful about the placement of lights so that the place looks balanced and well-lit. There should be a versatile distribution. Apart from the width of the room you also have to take height into consideration.

Energy efficiency:

The energy costs are a huge concern nowadays as the electricity bills are increasing. You do not have to settle for lights that have high energy consumption.

LED lighting:

The LED lighting is an excellent choice because it will keep energy consumption under control. These lights are also durable so you do not have to worry about changing the lights every month.


The ceiling lights are not the only source of light in the room so you do not want the light to be glaring. The lighting diffusers are effective in softening the glare of the lighting and create a soft glow. There is a variety of diffuser available so you have choices.

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