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The ceiling or the suspended ceiling grids are a popular choice for the ceiling. It has cross tees and main runners that offer support to the ceiling tiles and the light fixtures. There are some designs that come with supply or return air-conditioning ducts.

The grid is a great choice because it can balance multiple objectives like acoustics, integration, aesthetics, etc.

Here are a few reasons that the suspended or drop ceilings area great investment.

Good aesthetics:

The dropped ceilings were created so that the infrastructure of the building is hidden from the view. It will keep the wiring, ductwork, piping, etc. hidden from view so that the aesthetic appeal of the property is not compromised. They are a practical choice as well because they offer easy access to the fixtures, pipes, etc. so that the repairs and inspections are easy to do. They will also hide the sprinkler systems so you have a properly functioning system without making a mess.

Acoustic balance:

The dropped ceilings are effective in controlling and balancing the acoustics of the room. They offer attenuation and enhanced absorption.

Better indoor quality:

Dropped ceilings are effective in improving the indoor quality of the environment. It offers VOC emissions, thermal system control, ventilation, use of daylight, etc.


Sustainability is an important objective of the dropped ceilings. They have sustainable features like daylight efficacy, thermal insulation, and energy efficiency. They need reduced resources and there is an increase in the use of reused, renewable and recyclable materials.

The ceiling grid has a better return on investment and if you are looking for good installation services then Ceiling Direct Limited is a great choice.