The Expert Guide to Calculate Installation Cost of Ceiling Tiles

Presently, drop ceiling tiles have become very popular, that’s why people prefer to install these tiles in their offices or homes. These ceiling tiles are lightweight hung in a structure named drop ceiling. These tiles are also known as suspended ceiling, meant to hide damaged/stained ceilings, to soften noise from upstairs, to lower the height of a high ceiling, to conceal awkward wiring and ductwork. Infect these ceiling tiles will provide easy access for repairs. These tiles are the easiest way to finish a remodeled room.

Before you install ceiling tiles, you must know all suspended ceiling types consist of two basic parts: the grid and tiles. The grid is actually attached to the walls in a crisscross pattern made up of beams. Basically, these tiles are made up of different fibres like tin, mineral, fire rated/ composite wood and plastic. You have to install these tiles one at a time on the brackets of the grid work.

Here in this article we are discussing about expert guide to calculate installation cost of the ceiling tiles:

1.) Cost of installing ceiling tiles in the office:

People who are planning to install ceiling tiles in a room whose size is 10’x12’, should know that the average cost of installing the drop ceiling tiles is around £1,500.00. But if you want to calculate it by yourself, then you can simply use a mf ceiling calculator. From there you can analyse the material costs:

  • Before making a purchase, keep in mind that its price will be around £30.00 to £55.00 per case. Keep in mind that you have to check how many cases you need to have and also check the amount of tiles present in each case.
  • Other than that price of the grid work of the room will be almost £72.00
  • Moreover, you need to have the Level or Laser level work in the room that will cost you from £20.00 to £500.00, other than that, you also have to pay at a carpenter’s level almost £10.00 to £30.00

2.) The cost of buying Acoustic Tile/square foot:

Drop ceiling tiles are actually meant for both domestic and commercial use. In most of the commercial properties, you can see drop ceiling tiles or light diffusing tiles. These tiles aid in softening the glowing lighting present above the ceiling. Actually, these tiles will be costly and may cost you in the range of £14.00 to £30.00 per tile. While on the other hand tiles meant for residential properties comes in so many different styles that’s explained below:

  • Standard tiles that you can install in homes are actually made of mineral fibres. So you should know that these tiles can get damaged easily, even with the moisture. And it will cost you in the range of £1.80 to £6.68/ square foot.

·        Other tiles that you can install in your home is Tin tiles. Actually, these tiles are little bit expensive, but it looks really attractive. And these tiles will cost you in the range of £11.95 to £20.00 per piece that’s meant for 2’x2’ panel.

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