5 Quick Ways to Install 600×600 Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Home décor becomes the most adopted trends worldwide. From getting the luxurious style to making your compact room look larger, latest home décor trends can get you over from all the hurdles. Adopting these trends within a limited budget is hardly possible in the expensive world. But to make it possible, suspended ceiling tiles comes in. By just a simple update you can change entire décor of your room. The décor ceiling tiles can make your room larger and aesthetically pleasant within your budget.

Depending on the types of tiles, you can easily insulate your ceilings. The basic skills with simple household tools you can easily install the ceiling tiles 600×600. The 600×600 suspended ceiling tiles are flat and easy to install. The quick ways to install these tiles are mention below.

1-) Clean the Ceiling:

It is essential for you to clean the ceiling in order to install 600×600 suspended ceiling tiles perfectly. To clean the ceiling use a broom covered with a tee-shirt to dust away any dirt or use a sponge to scrub the ceiling efficiently. In this way it will be easy for you to install the ceiling tiles as they will stick more efficiently on a clean surface.

2-) Prepare to Lay Tiles:

To install 600×600 suspended ceiling tiles it is necessary to determine the ceiling material needed. First, you will need to measure the room footage. Take a measuring tape, and calculate the length and width of room ceiling separately. This will help you to get the exact square footage. Multiply the total length with the total width. For example, if your ceiling length is 10 and width 15 then the total square footage will be 150.

For the preparation to lay tiles it is necessary to determine the number of tiles needed for the project. This will help you to know the exact material cost. Figure the square footage of each tile by multiplying the length times the width to get measurement of tiles. Make sure to buy 15% extra tiles so that you have plenty of tiles left to complete the job in case you cut tiles the wrong way.

3-) Install Tiles Directly On Ceiling:

One of the quickest ways to install 600×600 ceiling tiles is to make them placed directly on ceiling. You will need to first cut the tiles for the fixtures according to the measurement for the location. Note that without any measurement cutting tiles would be useless and can make you lose money.

4-) Install Ceiling Tiles with Furring Strips:

Another way to install 600×600 suspended ceiling tiles efficiently is with furring strips. You need to locate the joist and find both the joist and then install the furring strips to according to the size of the panel and tiles.

5-) Easy Up Tracks & Clips:

The easy up track and clips are the easiest way to install 600×600 suspended ceiling tiles. Attach metal tracks to ceiling joists then snap-on clips and position tiles and slide clips to secure. They are much stable over the wooden furring strips.a

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