5 Helpful Tips to Clean Your Suspended Ceiling Tiles

There are times when a large area is overlooked while cleaning the house of office or else there are some spots that are really tough to clean especially if you don’t have accurate tools or knowledge about how you can clean it. The same scenario use to happen especially when we have to clean the acoustical-tiled ceilings. These types of ceilings could be found in different buildings that could include schools offices, concert halls or even in convention centers.

Always keep in mind that if ceilings will be properly cleaned up and maintained, only then these tiles will last longer, but for cleaning them you should know its proper cleaning process and that could be very cost savings process instead of changing the entire ceiling or tiles. It will make the whole facility to look more bright and clean. Here in this article we are discussing some tips that could be used to clean the suspended ceiling tiles:

Natural enemies of ceiling tiles:

  • As we all know ceiling tiles can’t be moved and its present too high that is above our reach so in that case these ceiling tiles only have two natural enemies that includes gravity and aerial dirt.
  • Basically ceiling tiles are adjourned by using a metal grid or they are attached directly with the ceiling, so before cleaning it will be better if you do simple fixes for those tiles that have become loose or gets damaged. After that prefer to clean them.

Analyze whether these tiles have a coating:

If your ceiling tiles are too dirty then it means it require deep cleaning instead of just vacuuming after that you should search whether they have a defensive plastic coating present on it or not after that start the deep cleaning process.

For analyzing if there is defensive plastic coating present on surface of ceiling tiles or not you should damp a cotton ball and dab it on ceiling. After that If the water will beads up and drops down, then it means you have coated tiles after that you can staer the deep cleaning process.

Using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning ceiling tiles:

For cleaning the ceiling tiles you can use the hydrogen peroxide, basically it is a mild bleach that will help you to clean and brighten up the washable ceiling tiles. You can purchase almost three percent hydrogen peroxide solution from any nearer drug store. After that you have to mix almost 25 milliliters along with one liter of water preferably in a spray bottle, and then start spraying it on the ceiling tiles. Always keep in mind that you don’t have to rub it or rinse it the hydrogen peroxide will do its job automatically, and all you have to do is to let the tiles get dry.

Using dry cleaning sponges for uncoated tiles:

As we all know we can’t use any wet solution on ceiling tiles that are not coated and for cleaning those tiles you have to use the dry cleaning sponges. Basically it is made up of using natural rubber that is treated with a particularly formulated cleaner. All you have to do is to wipe the dry sponge all across your ceiling tiles by using smooth and even hits.

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